Learn the Basics of Fasting for Health

Upcoming Classes: October 17, 24, 31 and November 7,  2023

An Online Course on Fasting for Health

There are three ways we can work with food: we can change what we eat, how much we eat, or when we eat. 

All three are important, but fasting is that underutilized third level – when we eat. 

A growing body of research shows that fasting is the key to unlocking a range of health benefits. You can use fasting to help with weight loss, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disease. Fasting also supports cancer treatment or post-treatment while promoting overall health and longevity no matter your health situation.

Online class outcome: learn how fasting can kickstart your health goals.

Class Overview

In this online class on fasting for health, we’ll cover the fundamentals of fasting. You’ll also learn about variations of fasting, including

  • ‘time-restricted eating’ (essentially a longer overnight fast)
  • 24-hour fasts weekly or biweekly
  • OMAD (one meal a day)
  • ‘Fasting-mimicking diet’ (which is essentially a specific low-calorie diet for 5 days a month)
  • 3 consecutive days of fasting monthly or quarterly
  • Various other programs in between. 


The classes will provide a group learning experience for individuals interested in various forms of fasting and will equip you with the skills to start exploring fasting for yourself at your own pace. It is a program rich with learning and practical applications.

Additional Information on Fasting for Health

Over time, many Americans have forgotten about fasting. The practice has traditionally been part of many cultures’ religious and medical systems as a way to clear the mind and maintain health. If you’re new to fasting, that’s OK. We will learn the fundamentals in this online class on fasting for health.

First, fasting is not just about cutting calories; it encompasses a broader approach to nutrition and metabolic health. Beyond simply restricting food intake, fasting involves a deliberate and controlled period of abstinence from eating, allowing the body to experience physiological and metabolic changes. During fasting, the body undergoes various metabolic adaptations, such as increased ketone production, enhanced autophagy (a cellular recycling process), and improved insulin sensitivity. These changes go beyond mere caloric reduction and can have profound effects on overall health and well-being.

The benefits of fasting are incredible. Many individuals report experiencing a sense of improved well-being and vitality after fasting, and while individual experiences may vary, there are several common factors that contribute to this feeling of wellness.

  1. Lightness and increased energy: Giving the digestive system a break during fasting allows it to rest and repair, leading to a feeling of lightness and enhanced energy levels.


  2. Improved mental clarity and focus: Fasting promotes metabolic flexibility, enabling the body to efficiently switch between energy sources. This can result in increased mental clarity, focus, and improved cognitive function.


  3. Reduced inflammation and oxidative stress: Fasting triggers cellular repair mechanisms and decreases inflammation and oxidative stress in the body. This can lead to decreased pain or discomfort, improved joint mobility, and an overall sense of well-being.


  4. Positive impact on food relationship: Consciously abstaining from eating during fasting can foster a greater appreciation for nourishing foods and promote mindful eating habits. This can result in improved dietary choices and a more balanced approach to nutrition.


  5. Enhanced self-awareness: Fasting can increase self-awareness of hunger cues and emotional eating triggers. It encourages individuals to tune in to their body’s signals, leading to a better understanding of their nutritional needs and fostering a healthier relationship with food.


  6. Potential weight loss and body composition improvements: Fasting can facilitate weight loss and body composition improvements by tapping into stored fat for energy. Depleting glycogen stores prompts the body to utilize fat as the primary fuel source, potentially reducing body fat percentage.

Class Instructors and Schedule

This class will be hosted by Dr. Lukaczer and Monique Class

Each of the four 90-minute sessions is hosted conveniently online. All registrants will receive an access link. The class is scheduled 4:30-6:00 pm PST on Tuesday, October 10, 17, 24, and November 7 and is open to anyone who would like to attend.

Dr. Dan Lukaczer, ND

I’ve been a Naturopathic Doctor for the past 30 years. I received my undergraduate degree from Duke University and my Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University in Seattle WA.

I then went on to become deeply involved in the model called functional medicine. I am past Director of Clinical Research at Metagenics’ Functional Medicine Research Center.

I’m currently Director of Medical Education at the Institute for Functional Medicine and teach those concepts to other clinicians. I continue to see patients virtually two days a week.

Monique Class, MS, APRN, BC

Monique Class, MS, APRN, BC, is a board-certified family nurse practitioner and clinical nurse specialist in holistic health at The Center for Functional Medicine in Stamford, CT. Recognized as a thought leader and sought-after teacher in the fields of integrative health care and holistic nursing, Monique is a senior faculty member for The Institute for Functional Medicine, a clinical instructor for Yale Graduate School of Nursing, a senior faculty member for The Center for Mind-Body Medicine, and a founding member and director of coaching development for the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy.

Online Class Payment

If you are a patient of Dr. Lukaczer, the cost of the online class on fasting for health can be billed directly to your insurance plan (co-pays and deductibles apply). You can find a list of insurances we take by clicking here. If your insurance is not listed, or are not a current patient, the cash price is $175, and payment is due in full prior to the first class for cash participants. Class size will be limited to 15 and registration ends September 28. 

To get the full benefit of the group experience, these classes will not be recorded so live participation is required.

To register or if you have questions, email info@drdanlukaczer.com or call 253.319.1900.