Frequently Asked Questions

I see patients on Tuesday and Thursday and occasionally arrange other times if that is not convenient. For current patients, the best way to reach me for pharmacy refills and questions is through your individual patient portal. We will get back to you within 24 hours. You can also access my schedule from there and set up an appointment.

If you are interested in becoming a new patient please contact our office and we will follow up with you to clarify the intake forms to fill out and schedule a time to meet.

Before your appointment, please fill out the intake forms and questionnaires listed on your patient portal profile. My ability to draw effective conclusions about your present state of health and how to improve it will be enhanced by your ability to respond thoughtfully to the questions on these forms. Health issues are usually influenced by many factors. Accurately assessing all the factors and comprehensively managing them is the best way to deal with health challenges. In your first visit, I’ll obtain a complete medical history. The key to functional medicine is treating each person as an individual and getting to the root cause of their health problems. This generally entails a detailed conversation about your current state of health, your health history, family history, diet, lifestyle habits, etc. At that point, I’ll discuss potential approaches and outline and explain any additional laboratory workup that I think would be useful to recommend. This visit will last approximately 90 minutes.  At that time, I may make some initial recommendations, but I will schedule a second appointment in 2-4 weeks. At that appointment I’ll discuss in detail any follow up laboratory evaluation that was ordered and make recommendations on lifestyle, diet, vitamin, mineral, and/or botanical supplementation, as well as any medications which may be appropriate for your care. Your second visit may also include a recommendation to follow up with a health coach or nutritionist I work with to go over the implementation of some of these changes. This appointment will last approximately 60 minutes. Follow up appointments after that are usually scheduled in approximately 4-8 weeks and may be with me, the nutritionist and/or the health coach. During these appointments we will evaluate your progress and make any needed adjustments. This visits are generally 30-45 minutes.

All conventional labs can be billed directly to your insurance by giving the lab your insurance card. If your insurance does not cover labs, your deductible is too high, or you do not have insurance, we can offer you special discounted cash rate.  These rates are significantly less than what you would pay out of pocket directly to the labs.

Lab testing for toxic metals, nutritional evaluation, stool analysis, some hormone analysis, and food sensitivities are typically ordered through specialty labs. Pricing on these labs depends on your insurance.

No.  Naturopathic physicians are not able to charge through Medicare or Medicaid. That being said, many people with Medicare work with an in-network provider for their primary needs and see me for functional integrative medicine consultations periodically.  Labs may be billed to Medicare – although some may not be covered. If you choose to pay out of pocket, we have discounted cash prices with certain laboratories. I also offer a 20% discount for those on Medicaid.

Yes, you can pay for services using your health savings account.